Information Associated
With Each Document

  • Related description (optional, free form entered by user up to 60 bytes).
  • Long text description (optional, free form entered by user up to 32,000 bytes).
  • Date document was scanned (automatically captured).
  • ID of individual who scanned document (automatically captured).
  • Date of document (optional data entry).

Image Viewing Tools

  • Scroll vertical and horizontal.
  • Re-size by increments and dynamically by “Windowing”.
  • Rotate Image in multiples of 90 degrees.
  • Print the image or entire screen to any Windows supported printer or Fax.
  • Rotate Image in multiples of 90 degrees.

System Requirements

Microsoft Dynamics SL – ImageLink supports versions 6.5 through the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics SL.

ImageLink Licensing – Licensing is based on the number of Microsoft Dynamics SL system and client licenses. For more information about licensing, please contact our sales department.

Imaging Hardware – Any TWAIN-compliant source device. (e.g., video cameras, digital still cameras, scanners)

Additional Software – None required. All scanning and indexing software is included with ImageLink. The images are stored in an industry-standard format (Tiff with CCITT Group 4 file compression).

Support Options

Basic Plan Features

  • Bug Fixes
  • Added functionality made to the purchased products
  • Enhancements made based on requirement changes of the accounting system
  • Knowledge-base access to submit problems and to view knowledge-base entry information

Premium Plan Features

  • All features of the basic plan
  • Installation assistance
  • Scanner setup support
  • Training
  • Interactive telephone support
  • Priority response

ImageLink Products, Utilities and 3rd Party Integrations for Dynamics SL

SharePoint Interface


Batch Processing


Bar Coding


Super Search


Application Design Wizard


AP Workflow


AP Audit Report


ReQlogic Integration


Concur Integration


OCR Integration Via Artsyl


Terminal Server/Citrix Scanner Interface