Kansas Paving smooths out AP processing by adding ImageLink and OCR to their Dynamics SL implementation:

Kansas Paving a premier full service construction company servicing greater Wichita metropolitan and surrounding areas has realized significant productivity gains by deploying ImageLink with OCR to their Dynamics SL platform. To summarize the process: Paper invoices are scanned , Invoices received via email do not need to be scanned, the OCR software converts each invoice to a standardized text format. The OCR engine is provided by Artsyl technologies , the leader in OCR invoice processing. Rules are applied to each document to verify that the correct vendor is automatically recognized. Other data fields such as the invoice number, date and total are also identified. Once validated, invoices are the forwarded to SL for processing through an ImageLink provided connector. Without the need to key invoice data into SL. The invoices are also forwarded to ImageLink for retention and easy cross- reference access. The benefits to Kansas Paving include: Increased accuracy—most of the data fields are automatically captured which reduces the chances for miss-keying the data. Increased speed—most of the data is not manually keyed to SL. Reduced filing— invoices do not need to be saved in traditional file cabinets Backup—unlike paper in file cabinets, the electronic documents can participate in off-site backup. To learn more about Artsyl Technologies visit: www.artsyltech.com