1) How are documents scanned and indexed?

Documents are indexed automatically as they are scanned or “dropped” into the ImageLink repository.

  • Documents are scanned from a workstation where Sage 100 ERP is active.
  • When a document is scanned, the contents of the fields of the Sage 100 ERP screen are used as index keys.
  • The automated indexing also applies to non-scanned documents that are dropped into ImageLink’s Drop Zone.
  • The index keys for a document are stored in the table “xIMIndex” within the Microsoft Dynamics SL application database.

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2) What Sage 100 ERP database tables are modified by ImageLink?

None, ImageLink stores information regarding specific document images in the ImageLink table “xIMIndex” within the application database. This is not a standard Sage 100 ERP table. “xIMIndex” is created as a step within the ImageLink installation process.

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3) How compatible is ImageLink with Sage 100 ERP?

ImageLink is VERY compatible with Sage 100 ERP on Providex.

  • No Sage 100 ERP application data is modified by ImageLink.
  • New tables are added to an ImageLink database.
  • The installation process is performed with InstallShield®.

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4) Which Sage 100 ERP screens are enabled for use with ImageLink?

Access to ImageLink has been incorporated into the following Sage 100 ERP screens.

General Ledger

  • General Journal Entry
  • Account Maintenance
  • Account Enquiry

Accounts Payable

  • A/P Manual Check Entry
  • Vendor Maintenance
  • Vendor Enquiry
  • A/P Invoice Data Entry
  • A/P Invoice History Inquiry


  • Purchase Order Receipt of Invoice Entry
  • Purchase Order Entry
  • Purchase Order Inquiry
  • Purchase Order Receipt of Goods Entry
  • Purchase Order Return of Goods Entry
  • Purchase Order Receipt History Inquiry


  • Sales Order Entry
  • Sales Order Invoice Data Entry
  • RMA Inquiry
  • Shipping Data Entry
  • Sales Order Inquiry

Accounts Receivable

  • Customer Maintenance
  • Customer Inquiry
  • Invoice History Inquiry
  • Invoice Data Entry


  • Employee Maintenance
  • Job Master File Maintenance

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5) What database environment is required for ImageLink?

ImageLink uses Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition 2008 or higher to store its document indices.

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