Information Associated
    With Each Document

    • Related description (optional, free form entered by user up to 60 bytes).
    • Long text description (optional, free form entered by user up to 32,000 bytes).
    • Date document was scanned (automatically captured).
    • ID of individual who scanned document (automatically captured).
    • Date of document (optional data entry).

    Image Viewing Tools

    • Scroll vertical and horizontal.
    • Re-size by increments and dynamically by “Windowing”.
    • Rotate Image in multiples of 90 degrees.
    • Print the image or entire screen to any Windows supported printer or Fax.
    • Rotate Image in multiples of 90 degrees.

    System Requirements

    Microsoft Dynamics AX – ImageLink supports all versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    ImageLink Licensing – Licensing is based on the number of Microsoft Dynamics AX system and client licenses. For more information about licensing, please contact our sales department.

    Imaging Hardware – Any TWAIN-compliant source device. (e.g., video cameras, digital still cameras, scanners)

    Additional Software – None required. All scanning and indexing software is included with ImageLink. The images are stored in an industry-standard format (Tiff with CCITT Group 4 file compression).

    Support Options

    Basic Plan Features

    • Bug Fixes
    • Added functionality made to the purchased products
    • Enhancements made based on requirement changes of the accounting system
    • Knowledge-base access to submit problems and to view knowledge-base entry information

    Premium Plan Features

    • All features of the basic plan
    • Installation assistance
    • Scanner setup support
    • Training
    • Interactive telephone support
    • Priority response

    ImageLink for Microsoft Dynamics AX Products

    SharePoint Interface


    Drag and Drop


    Batch Processing


    Bar Coding


    Super Search


    Print Capture


    Application Design Wizard




    Terminal Server/Citrix Scanner Interface