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A division of PurchaseSoft, ambulance Inc.

Interactive Support

How it Works

Live help from Technical Support Reps!

Here’s how to get live computer help right on your desktop:

1) Call our Help Desk at 949.579.9555 or email to begin the process.

2) Via your internet browser, pharm log into the SOX-compliant software tool, and
download the required applets.

3) One of our technical staff will then have remote, interactive access to quickly identify and female viagra review address whatever ImageLink-related issue you may be experiencing.

Direct Contact Information

Customer Service


Tech Support




Self-Help Support

A database of online cialis america ImageLink issues with possible solutions is maintained for your interactive use. Scanner hardware, ImageLink software and accounting-related problems are discussed. This is viagra 130mg ca a quick reference guide for both IT and Accounting personnel.



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